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Yoga with Michaela Kleber

In the 'Yogapraxis' in Munich-Nymphenburg I offer a variety of courses which give you an easy aproach to yoga, meditation and relaxation. Take a private lesson if you want to develop an individual sequence for your own practice at home. There are practically no limits regarding age or fitness.

To practice Yoga means to bring the mind into the present moment and into stillness. Coordinating breath and movement and focussing our attention on both allows us to be relaxed and wakeful at the same time. We befriend our body and develop both stability and ease.

With regular practice, the fruits begin to show in daily life: Even in the middle of a stressful day we find moments of peace allowing us to catch our breath and be more in touch with ourselves. We learn to respect our limits and to accept ourselves as we are. It is exactly this acceptance which calms the mind and relaxes the body, and gives us new confidence and joy. We touch our very source and from there draw the strength with which to create our lives.

Two different schools have influenced my teaching: Kripalu Yoga emphasizes the meditative quality of Yoga. The student learns to notice feelings of energy in the body, to focus her attention on them and to even let the movements be guided from there. The Yoga of Sri Krishnamacharya, as it is taught by R. Sriram, Ganesh Mohan and others, accentuates the therapeutic aspect of Yoga. With great accurateness the practice is adapted to the individual needs and abilities of the students and to their everyday situation.